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Ventura Center for Advanced Therapeutics

4000 Calle Tecate, Suite 221

Camarillo, California, 93012 United States



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  • Avi M.

    Dr. Wolfsohn and her assistant Bonni provide a first class Ketamine experience. An elegant office setting with every amenity and concern for any issue or worry makes for a sense of confidence to accompany a professional caring approach. Dr. Wolfsohn is a serious and very knowledgeable practitioner who actively follows up on her patients. Like me, those who seek out Ketamine do so because the severity of their illnesses. Dr. Wolfsohn’s empathy and warmth draws her patients in. Her success makes a difference.

  • Matthew M.

    Horrible Doctor that does not care about patients at all. She basically abandoned me as a patient in extreme need, I almost feel like giving up completely after what she did to me (and how cruel she was to me). She acts all nice, but she is really vandative and mean I found out. She abandoned me over some of the most trivial reasons I have ever seen (like not wanting to deal with my insurance). Out of the many doctors I have had, I have never felt so hurt by a doctor before in my life. She left me deserted and feeling ar risk for my life, because of how cruel she was to me. She also asks all her patients to do a review or her on the first day, so her reviews are really not that credible to be honest.

  • Leeanne S.

    I had such a good experience with Dr. Wolfsohn and her staff. I’m in healthcare and so would notice if something were amiss, but she runs a truly professional treatment program. There are a lot of shady places out there who will take your money without concern for what ails you. This is not the case here. But the most important thing is that the treatment I received worked beautifully. I’m months out now and still feel like a different person than I did prior to treatment in all the best ways.

  • Arin S.

    Amazing and so comfortable, if I could rate her 500 stars instead of 5 I would!!! I’m sure many of you want to know what a ketamine infusion is like so here’s my experience: The moment I walk in I feel relaxed and am greeted by Dr. Wolfsohn’s assistant Bre. She is extremely helpful and makes sure you are comfortable with a blanket, heated if you’d like, your shoes on or off, face mask if you’d like and each private room has a calming mist aromatherapy diffuser, light switch dimmer, soft music playing and have neutral and light colored decor and is decorated like a spa. Dr. Wolfsohn walks in and greets you and asks how your doing, this is after your initial few treatments those are much more in depth with interviewing of course, and if anything has changed. She leaves to mix your medicine and comes back in ready to go. I can’t believe I’m saying this but then Is my favorite part: when the doctor is looking for good veins and finds one she puts a nice comfortable heat pack on the chosen vein to get it to pronounce more. Then she sticks u but honestly and coming from someone who is super afraid of needles and has spent a life time of crying at every prick, this doctor is AMAZING and the gentlest stick I have ever had!!!!!! And thankfully so great at her job she almost always gets it on the first prick unless my vein is playing keep away and then it only took her one more try; very few times. And often time because my pain is so extreme she’ll begin with a dose of anti nausea meds in the IV then a shot of pure ketamine which knocks you out in less then a minute. It’s not scary I promise you just start to feel relaxed then pretty drunk and woozy but that goes away within seconds. Ketamine burns going in your arm but that is also only a few seconds. Next thing you know you wake up and your infusion is over! Most times you wake up because you have to pee. This part is great too because you are wobbly and can’t walk on your own from the infusion Bre and the Doctor both help you get into a wheelchair they bring into the room then roll you to the bathroom and assist you to get out of it and into the bathroom. They wait outside and check on you every few minutes to make sure you are okay. Again I never thought I’d say this about an IV in my life but I honestly look forward to my treatments with Doctor Wolfsohn. She is caring, down to earth, and very smart and outstanding at her job!! Only downsides are 1) the cost can get high but to me you get what you pay for and she offers first class treatment and care and comfort. Which during something as scary or not fun as an IV infusion is extremely important And 2) because she is so awesome sometimes it can be hard to get an appointment within that week lol but oh well she’s worth the wait!

  • Alexis B.

    Dr. Wolfsohn has absolutely changed my life. If you have any doubts or are looking for help this is the place to go. Right when you walk in the staff greets you. Dr. Wolfsohn has a staff that is as nice and amazing as her. You check in then you go to your room. The whole office is beyond the standard of calm and puts you at ease right when you walk in. She makes sure every person has their own perfect dose to help with their specific problem. She also works with an AMAZING therapist for guided ketamine therapy named dr Pavlo.
    Dr. Wolfsohn goes above and beyond the set standard of care. Also all of her referrals have been as amazing as her. You can tell she’s a doctor that puts her whole heart into her practice.

    If you have ANY thoughts of going or looking into this I’d HIGHLY suggest going to her! She is literally god sent.

    1. Thank you for sharing your story, I read your share and it touched me spiritually. I found this site from years of searching for answers to my non-stop voices and emotions that prevented me from moving forward in life. On the outside of what people saw was this man who has it going on with a business, beautiful wife and 2 girls and a german shepherd. On the inside, I was dying inside and it got to the point where I couldn’t hide it anymore. Something had to change or else all HELL was going to break loose and my family couldn’t understand how I could continue this way. They recommended I take medication and maybe get a less stressful job. I’m hoping this katamine infusion helps me push through this hurdle to continue to grow. Thank you

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