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Whether it’s through group therapy or individual therapy, integration work allows for the power of ketamine to stick. Conversations with a professional and individuals facilitate change.


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  • Jared Lautenschlager

    I have been a patient at Cedar Psychiatry for 1.5 years. Every time I come for an appointment, I feel like I am visiting friends. The office staff is very friendly and they really go to bat for me in terms of scheduling appointments. The overall tone is warm and inviting. The staff I have worked with are empathetic and non-judgmental; both qualities are super important to me. I always leave with new insights. My favorite part of the practice is the spravato office. Spravato is a newer treatment and Cedar does an excellent job delivering it. The office is very calming and comfortable. They make sure you understand the process and answer any questions. The chairs are super comfortable for a treatment that takes a few hours. I can’t leave a review without mentioning Tanya.. Tanya is my spravato superhero and she is simply amazing. She has fought insurance for me and is able to squeeze me in for appointments that no one else can seem to make. She listens so well and I truly view her as a good friend. There are other locations I could go to, but they don’t have Tanya, so I never hesitate to make the drive. Tanya is a perfect example of who a mental health professional should be like. Overall, I highly recommend Cedar Psychiatry for anyone in need of a mental health practitioner or spravato treatment.

  • Michael Rowan

    Just had the greatest experience with one of their office staff members. I’m blown away at how Shari (spelling?), who normally only signs up new patients, went above and beyond to help me get my medication. Give this woman a raise! I felt like she cared more than another lady i talked to whose job it was to help me get my prescription.

    I needed a prior authorization for a medication before I flew out of state that night. My pharmacy had faxed cedar earlier that week asking for the prior authorization. Unfortunately I didn’t follow up with cedar until the day I was leaving.
    I called 5 min before they closed and no one was there accept for Shari (sp?) who normally only signs up new patients. She wasn’t able to help me and I figured I’d have to get my medication in a week after the holidays. She then called me the next day and said found there was a way for me to still get my medication and called my local pharmacy and everything. Very impressed.

  • Kelsi Black

    When I did my Spravato I was very nervous because I had never tried the medication. I had a guy Named Thomas who I had never met before take care of me. I let him know that I had a terrible migraine the first time I had tried the medication but I get migraines every now and then and I wanted to try the spravato again to make sure it wasn’t just a fluke. He informed me that the medication does have that side effect and that when that happens they usually discontinue the treatment because it is likely to occur again. I had a few questions regarding that so he let me ask all the questions I had and answered them in the nicest way. I was very insistent on them trying it once more. He allowed me to do it again. Thomas was super informative on techniques that could help me get the best therapy results. Even though I had already have the treatment he talked me through the whole process and how it works he explained things to me in a way I could understand. I was grateful that he went through the explanation with me because there were definitely things I missed the first time that. Thomas came and checked on me multiple times because I was more aware he would talk to me and make sure I was doing ok he also would make sure I was comfortable. Towards the end of the therapy I had a migraine again! Thomas made sure that I had some medication to help with my headache. He also explained to me how the Medication would be most effective and gave me some other tips and tricks to help with my migraine. The first time I did the Spravato my migraine lasted 3 Days but because of Thomas’s knowledge and his tips and tricks my headache did not last as long. I was very grateful for all his help throughout the whole process. I could tell he really cared for all his patients and wanted them to have the best experience and care that they could have.

    My provider Carol Tanner who is amazing (I highly recommend her to every one) had referred me to try the Spravato. Although the treatment did not work for me I was grateful that Carol Tanner told me about it and got me started. I am grateful that she trusted Thomas to take care of me with how nervous I was. Between the two of the the experience I had was great. They are both kind, caring, genuine, knowledgeable, helpful, and I truly felt as if they both cared about me and wanted to do what was best for me. I truly felt like my care and treatment was important to them.

    I also was grateful for Mary who had helped me with the set up of my appointments, getting the correct information to the prior authorization person, and answering my questions. I also am thankful to the person who did my prior Auth for the Spravato. They got it done and back so quick I couldn’t believe it.

  • Kathleen Garrett

    I had a good experience with Josh. He is attentive and patient. However, different girls called to change appointments after they were made that was frustrating since I went to 2 hr psychotherapy they did get Thomas to help me and my daughter and that was a blessing.Now I am being charged an extra $175.and I had already pre paid for this service because I was very anxious t hff at something would hinder my pka n.v s.I keep trying to get this vfc resolved but have not been able to teach someone n.v e f oil r help.straight away

  • Support Soel Beauty

    The people at Cedar really care and really want to help. I’ve had a great experience so far and have been recommending my friends and family as well.

  • Brittani Buckner

    Called to get a refill on ADHD medication and I’m told it may not be approved because it has been 90 days since my sons last visit. I get calls and text messages about what I owe them but nobody can call to make a follow up appointment. Time was condescending and very unprofessional. I understand there are regulations regarding medication. I also understand how to be helpful and not talk down to people. They are more concerned about money than helping people.

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