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Ketamine & Infusion Clinic of South Florida



Ketamine & Infusion Clinic of South Florida

41 N Federal Hwy, 2nd floor, Suite A

Pompano Beach, Florida, 33062 United States

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Treatment Approach

Our mission is to offer cutting edge infusion therapy, empowering individuals toward improved quality of life and well-being through comprehensive and compassionate care.

Ketamine & Infusion Clinic of South Florida Background

Other Affiliations

American Society of Ketamine Physicians, Psychotherapists & Practitioners, Osmind

Client Reviews

7 Reviews on “Ketamine & Infusion Clinic of South Florida”

Overall rating
  • Jim Shannon

    I have struggled with depression for most of my life. I tried medication, therapy, and TMS with limited success. I discovered Ketamine therapy from online research about the latest in treatments. Luckily, I found Ketamine Clinic South Florida nearby in Pompano Beach. The staff were very warm and professional. Every treatment is different, but I always felt safe and like I was having an intense dream. Since the recent treatments, I am able to handle life better. I don’t overthink or obsess about negative situations. I have a sense of wellbeing that I did not have before. I am deeply grateful to Khali and Sonia at the Ketamine Clinic South Florida

  • andrea szaloki

    Both Kelly and Sonia are very knowledgeable, patient, and caring professionals. They answered all of my questions and made me feel comfortable about the procedure. I highly recommend Ketamine Clinic of South Florida for anyone interested in feeling better.

  • Juliet Bertemati

    I have suffered from depression and anxiety my whole life. 2020 has especially increased my anxiety.
    The staff at the clinic made me feel comfortable and at ease with the whole process. The owners explained the treatment in detail and were fully knowledgeable about the treatment .
    I received 6 treatment and with each treatment I could feel the depression and overwhelming anxiety decrease. I would highly recommend this clinic

  • Tuguldur Chuluunbaatar

    Very friendly caring staffs
    I had excellent experience there. I got vitamin boost and Covid test at this Clinic which is very important in this Pandemic time.
    Highly recommended.

  • Jennifer Jarkow

    This ketamine clinic is a wonderful loving supportive place. I have/had PTSD with anxiety and depression. I used to go almost every day with a heavy feeling in my heart and anxiety for no apparent reason. I compensated with eating disorders for over 30 years. Although 90% free of the eating disorders I couldn’t seem to shake the foreboding doom I felt and that somehow I had to avoid it although I didn’t even know or how.

    Now after six sessions the heaviness in my chest is gone. Sometimes I have thought that would’ve led me down that path but they just don’t seem to take hold anymore. Khali, Sonia and Marsha have a beautiful hearts, pure compassion and very professional and competent at what they do. I felt supported the moment I walked in the door

    They helped me immensely and continue to be there for me.
    I’m so grateful I came across them and highly recommend them. If you’re looking for something to help you to get on the other side, this could be your answer.

  • Fabian Rodriguez

    I was searching for an immune boost infusion which I found at Ketamine Clinic. So I called, got my questions answered and was booked.
    The infusion consisted of multiple vitamins, including vitamin C. I was feeling exhausted and under the weather. Ketamine clinic was able to accommodate me and my partner so we can both share this experience together! The clinic was clean, and we followed their hygiene procedures to ensure our safety.
    The IV immune boost lasted about 45 minutes, the prep time was quick and we were able to sit back and relax together through the session. Khali was readily available if we had any questions.
    After out session, we felt a more energized and clear headed.
    The following days my feelings of exhaustion subsided and other symptoms eased.

    Thanks for your services Ketamine Clinic.

  • Green Hornet

    Khali and Sonia are professional, sympathetic (I don’t like needles), and most importantly- make the experience enjoyable. Their office is clean and comfortable with soft color, beautiful artwork, & relaxing music available during your infusion. I look forward to my next visit!!!!!!!!

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