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1101 N Sepulveda Blvd #201

Manhattan Beach, California, 90266 United States

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  • heath lunsford

    Great Service, everyone at the office is Professional and courteous. They are complete with their appointment schedule and follow up. I never had to wait for my appointments and they worked around my schedule as well. I highly recommend Neuro Wellness Spa.

  • mariana mekari

    I don’t even know where to begin! This place has probably the best customer service I have ever had. Every single technician is phenomenal. Kristin is an angel…. her welcoming vibe and kindness is the reason I decided to do TMS and I hadn’t even have met her yet. She will give you the best advice, make you feel so comfortable, and to be honest make you not want to leave the place because she’s so cool to talk to and extremely knowledgeable. She will answer any of your questions and her smile just radiates the spot. I cannot thank her enough for everything . Seriously a true Angel!

    Phillip is also an awesome technician. He’s very knowledgeable as well and funny to talk to. I’m telling you they all make you feel so so so comfortable. He works later on during the day so his talks are very much needed after a long day of work

    Dr. Faynboym Amazing And very knowledgeable doctor ! He is very funny , patient and will answer any questions you have . He makes you feel very comfortable and is such a wonderful man.

    I cannot thank you guys enough for all that you do and continue to do for me/ I don’t come in much interaction with Jennifer in front desk or the other technician but their smiles and hellos are always so uplifting

  • Zoe Miesem

    Kristin (and her team) with TMS is kind, caring, sweet, and truly listens to the patients experience to make sure we are getting what we need. Dr. Faynboym does the same, and makes sure that the patients fully understands their mental health journey and what next steps need to be taken to feel their best. I have fully enjoyed my experience with this clinic and would absolutely recommend their services to my loved ones in need!!! They have truly helped me!!

  • Paris Jennings

    I had a brief consultation with Dr. Patel who was quite cold. There was a curtness about her that made her come off as apathetic. Ironically, I’d been crying seconds prior to our virtual session and it showed. I was obviously in distress. I told her I was having a challenging day, her follow-up question to that was “how are you doing?” (Not good obviously!) When discussing the history of my mental health, she flat out asked me why I hadn’t continue to attempt suicide; later rewording her question after maybe realizing asking her question seemed inappropriate. Additionally, I had difficulty answering the questions she asked (as they confused me); this seemed to annoy her slightly. Dr. Patel seemed to lack patience, human empathy, and generally gave off the impression that she didn’t believe anything I was saying to her; thus making me feel completely invalidated. I understand that psychiatrists mostly deal with medication management, and not so much therapy, but the exchange I had with her pushed me even closer to the edge. Based off this horrid interaction: I’d highly recommend seeking psychiatry elsewhere, or at the very least with a different doctor.

  • Brian Sena

    The staff at this location is wonderful. Very flexible with their scheduling and always understanding. Dr. Faynboym is patient, caring, and takes the time to listen to your concerns. The TMS treatment itself has been working better than any anti-depressant I’ve taken. Definitely recommend!

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