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We do not refer to our sessions as “ceremonies.” While psilocybin has a long and respectable use in shamanic practices, we choose not to operate in this manner. You will not find MycoMeditations team members rattling, drumming or blowing smoke above your head.

A psilocybin experience can get difficult. Some of our deepest fears and anxieties may arise during a session with psilocybin mushrooms – and this is often where the healing begins. We do not subscribe to the notion of “bad trips”. There are, occasionally, challenging experiences, but more often than not, they prove to be the most rewarding of sessions, as well as provide the most relief.

In reality, a single psilocybin session can be filled with moments of absolute bliss and intense fear. We will be there for you and with you before, during, and after your experience.

Our sessions are held in a beautiful, lush private property yard. Comforting indoor arrangements are used in the case of rain. Our facilitators are there to provide you with reassurance and a caring ear, as needed.

We believe strongly that the psilocybin mushrooms and you the participant, do all the work. We encourage participants to relax and let the experience unfold rather than talking one’s way through it. The conversations and dialogue immediately after the peak experience play a significant role in the integration process.


This lush seafront property contains two beautiful beach houses with a spacious yard and upscale accommodations. Along with the property’s friendly staff, these retreats offer an environment of maximum comfort to our guests. Just steps away is one of the best swimming beaches on Jamaica’s south coast, offering a breathtaking backdrop for your psilocybin experience. All room options come with daily housekeeping, air-conditioning, hot water and complimentary Wi-Fi.

What's Included

Comfort Accommodation Retreats start at $5800 per person if you’re joining us with someone; $7450 if you’re joining us privately.

Retreat prices include: accommodations, meals, transportation, massage, session facilitation and therapeutic services. For these services you will be billed electronically by JamTravel Enterprises, Inc.

These prices DO NOT include the cost of mushrooms for your retreat. Psilocybin is unregulated in Jamaica. Due to current regulations outside of Jamaica, MycoMeditations does not include the cost of the mushrooms in the overall retreat package price. Guests must purchase mushrooms from a local Jamaican vendor, Magnificent Mushrooms LTD, after arrival in Jamaica. Guests should be prepared to pay the Jamaican equivalent of US$365 plus 15% Jamaican Sales Tax for the mushrooms. Cost for mushrooms is based on average weekly use per person. In this challenging landscape we are committed to providing our guests with the safest, most legal option in psilocybin-assisted retreats.

Venue Details
  • A\C
  • Housekeeping
  • WiFi

Retreat Topics

Health & Wellness
  • Mental Health
Psychedelic & Plant Medicine
  • Psilocybin \ Mushrooms


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