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Sacred River healing center
“Serene and therapeutic space for healing and reflection.”
Feather Crown’s Sacred River healing center is located deep in the Amazonian mountain jungle in the province of Pastaza, Ecuador, about 4 hours from the Quito Airport and 1 hour from Tena and Puyo. It takes just a 5-minute-long walk to reach the center from the road. Sacred River offers serene, beautiful, and comfortable space for Ayahuasca ceremonies and dietas with rainforest plants. It has been founded by Jan Rostlinka, a ceremonial leader who is passionate about the protection of the rainforest and runs his own rainforest protection and reforestation project.

The center owns 23 hectares of private nature reserve bordering with state university’s biological reserve and the Llanganates National Park. It sits on the banks of one of the cleanest rivers on the planet, surrounded by thousands of hectares of pristine forests. This location is unique, energetically pure, and isolated from the distractions of modern civilization.

The center offers a spacious rounded ceremonial temple with tiled floor and adjacent flushing tiled toilets (three toilets adjacent to the ceremonial temple).

The center offers several bamboo cabins for accommodation, each having two rooms. Guests use three separate toilets and two showers with hot water. You can specify the type of accommodation you need:

room with two beds (shared among partners, friends or visitors of the same sex)
room with a single bed for people who need to have privacy
Beds are equipped with comfortable orthopedic mattresses, thermic blankets, and personal mosquito nets. Unlike other lodges in the area, our lodge is not maintained using harsh chemicals and the rooms are chemical-smell-free. Showers have hot water. The center has a solar panel system and all rooms are equipped with electric lights and sockets.

How to Get There

Meeting for the retreat
In order to visit the center, you need to arrange a meeting with us in Santa Clara (google map) using WhatsApp +593999608184. Santa Clara is a small town in the province of Pastaza, Ecuador. We will meet in front of Coliseum of Santa Clara (“Coliseo” in Spanish). It is located directly on the main road where all the buses stop. Please give your bus/taxi driver the information to take you to “COLISEO MAYOR DE SANTA CLARA, PASTAZA”). Please understand that the locals of this town, including taxi drivers or policemen, usually don’t know Jan, Feather Crown, Sacred River or any “Ayahuasca retreat place”. It is because we are located 8 kilometers away from Santa Clara and we keep our work with sacred plant medicines private. Please help us to keep it like this.

How to travel to Santa Clara
From Quito:

a) Directly to Santa Clara by TAXI service. $120 per car, travel time 3,5h.
b) Shared taxi tourist service from Quito to Tena (early in the morning only): $25 per person, travel time 3,5h. Arranged through WhatsApp +593 984531424.
c) Public bus. From Quito TERMINAL QUITUMBE direct bus to Tena BUS TERMINAL ($10), then Tena to Santa Clara in a bus heading to PUYO, AMBATO or RIOBAMBA ($2.5). Travel time around 7-8h.

From Quito Airport:

a) Directly to Santa Clara by TAXI service. $120 per car, travel time 3,5 hours.
b) Combined taxi+bus: Taxi from Quito Airport to bus stop “RONDEL DEL PIFO – PARADA DE LOS BUSES AL TENA” ($10), then bus to Tena ($8 per person). Travel time 5-6 hours.

From Baňos:

a) Directly to Santa Clara by TAXI service. Please check with your driver for cost. Travel time approx. 2 hours.
b) Direct bus heading towards Tena or Ahuano. Travel time approx. 2,5 hours and cost approx. 4 USD.

From Tena:
a) Directly to Santa Clara by TAXI service. Cost 15 USD, travel time 40 min.
b) Direct bus (any bus going to PUYO, AMBATO and RIOBAMBA) , travel time approx. 1 hour and cost approx. 2 USD.

Retreat Topics

  • Ayahuasca


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