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Ayahuasca Insights awaits you as an ecological reserve of 136 acres (55 hectares) in the Ucayali region, Pucallpa. It adjoins the beautiful Cashibococha lagoon – deriving from Yarinacocha which originates in the Ucayali river – on its site. Surrounded by jungle forests and mirrors of water with lush wildlife, the location evolves the beauty of its nature. Back to the central house the forest of 1.3 miles in length inhabits foxes, sloths, armadillos, various species of monkeys and other mammals. Lake Cashibococha houses 52 species of fish and 49 of birds.

Accommodating you, the Suisui Center provides pleasant wooden individual & shared cabins amicably hidden within the forest close by and with direct view to the lagoon. 17 rooms (hoods & chambers) hold 19 beds – varying between single bed rooms, two-floored rooms and bunk-bed rooms. Each ambience comes with a terrace and likely hammock.
You will find clean shared bathrooms including occidental washbasins & toilets. Make yourself comfortable in the cozy living room of the main house. Hammocks and the connected terrace facing the lagoon provide you with space to relax, reflect and breathe through. An equipped kitchen and a huge dining room complete the main house – all in wooden style.

Originally, the beautiful maloca, a large circular space of 28 ft in diameter, built with solid regional woods, serves for ayahuasca ceremonies. Nevertheless, it can be used in multiple ways (yoga, reiki, painting, training, coaching,…). The roof is made up of palm leaves as the local custom that is placed between the forests and the lagoon.

For room-specific details please contact Ayahuasca Insights or check our Airbnb page of the Suisui Center, Pucallpa.

Aside the ambiances you are free to use the lawn and forest areas. Especially the expanse between the lagoon and the main house lend itself to group activities. From the 40 feet high lookout tower you can contemplate the entire length of the lake and beyond. Campfires, dances, marketplaces, yoga, singing, meditation and many more are suitable to include in your stay.

Drinking water comes from a 170 ft.-deep well that guarantees a very clean water. There is electric power of 220 V supplying the living room, the dining room, the kitchen, the baths and the ceremonial maloca. It is provided by solar equipment. The cabin rooms lack electric light and outlets.

The whole Suisui Center lodging comes in very natural style and provides both, space for privacy and space for communion.
Expect to find tranquility and freedom with and within yourself! Be prepared for your experience of living closely in and with nature! Step into a world in the Peruvian Jungle, aside daily-life and very close to traditional Shipibo Communities.

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