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Playa del Carmen mexico 77710

Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, 77710





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Magic Mushroom Ceremonies And Microdosing
The main ingredient of this retreat is a couple of powerful mind-reset magic mushroom ceremonies. Psilocybin therapy has been proven to relief depression, provide deep insight that can lead to living life on your best purpose. Based on endless scientific studies about its benefits, we combine it with the right micronutrients from natural spices and teas to prevent the breakdown of the neurotransmitters and have a longer and stronger effect on the safest amounts. The environment is a key factor for achieving the best results from a magic mushroom retreat, that is why we select small groups of like-minded individuals which creates a master mind of wellness and peer support towards a balanced life filled with purpose

Venue & Amenities

Playa del Carmen
This city is a balance between the busy Cancun and the relaxed Tulum, as well located in about the middle of them. Playa keeps all the buildings not higher than three stories, and as well protects the nature and some elder trees in particular. The famous Quinta Avenida (fifth avenue) is full of shops, restaurants, mexican curiosities, coffee shops, bars. It is a street protected for pedestrians, where it is not even allowed to drive bicycles, hence it is very peaceful to take a walk around. Playa as well has some streets adapted for bicycles, so that you can manage to use a bicycle as your transportation.

Our Playa del Carmen wellness retreat is great for exploring a small town, which still keeps some important traditions such as the protection of mangrove trees, and certain arquitectural limits that forbid the making of tall buildings, hence the town has a certain european feeling, within of course the refreshing breeze of the Caribbean Sea. The 5th avenue is parallel to the beach, so in almost every horizontal-crossing street you get a glimpse of the incredible turquoise blue from the sea.

Located in a quiet area of Playa del Carmen yet within ten minutes from 5th Avenue and the beach with easy transportation access. It has 24/7 security, fully equipped kitchen, WiFi, assorted incenses, air conditioning, zen details and totally safe. A few steps from the swimming pool. The place is decorated and designed for retreats with meditation cushions and dozens of books to choose for enjoying in your free time by the pool. The place has yoga mats and props always handy for when you want to set yourself to a little stretch by the pool.

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Psychedelic & Plant Medicine
  • Psilocybin \ Mushrooms



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