Netherlands 5-day all-inclusive program with 2 ayahuasca ceremonies, 1 San Pedro ceremony and 1 sound healing ceremony.



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Soest, Utrecht, 3768 MN


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Type of Event Inperson

Our center – located in the middle of nature and grasslands, at the foot of a nature reserve – provides you with the ideal conditions to recharge yourself. Our astonishing 16.000 square meters big garden will leave you with enough options for a quiet place to rest after the deep inner work you have done. The property is surrounded by different species of hedges, each with its own color of flowers, which makes it a pleasure to come along in the spring.

You can expect to be awakened by the sound of dozens of birds, be able to pick some fresh fruits and nuts (depending on the season of your visit), cozily linger around the wood stove in the living room when cold or take a refreshing dive in the outside pool (depending on the season, or not, if you’re a real ice(wo)man).

The accommodation is a renovated Dutch former farm house with all the comfort you may need for a pleasant stay. Even though it is easy to reach (only a few minutes from the highway or the city center), it is situated quite secluded and provides us plenty of privacy.

To make sure you feel at home and with us, we have designed our rooms as cozy as possible and created a caring atmosphere. Soft, warm light, a pleasant aroma and room decorations that have been selected with love and care should make you feel comfortable, so it becomes easier for you to dedicate yourself entirely to the healing process

From our own experience, we know how demanding and energy-depleting an ayahuasca journey can be. It’s important that you rest after your journey and surround yourself with good, healthy energy. Therefore, a small buffet with selected healthy and vegetarian meals is available after the ayahuasca ceremony. We prepare the food with love for you and use as much organic products as we can.

There’s usually a mix of salad, soup, pasta or rice, fresh fruit, bread and as much tea as you like. It’s no problem if you have any dietary restrictions: simply let us know beforehand or state what you need from us when you make your reservation. We always do our best to accommodate to everyone as far as possible.

What's Included

In addition to the ayahuasca and san pedro ceremonies – the core components of the program – this retreat also includes complementary support in the form of a sound healing ceremony, group sharing, one-on-one sessions with the facilitators and mindful practices. We bring the best of both worlds together by offering authentic Amazonian ceremonies, complemented with (therapeutic) individual and (spiritual) group activities that support the integration of your healing experience. You can read more about this in the Retreat Support Program section.

Additional Information

The San Pedro (Huachuma) ceremony is an amazing opportunity to ground and integrate the energetic shifts that were done in the Ayahuasca ceremonies, providing you with insights, mental clarity and the power to see yourself from a different perspective and make new choices.

The San Pedro acts as a portal to the divine masculine energy, giving you access to the qualities of presence, clarity and determination. It provides the perfect closure to your experience, after the heart-opening and emotional work that was done with ayahuasca.

Integration & Group work
Ayahuasca and San Pedro ceremonies are intense, deep, and have the potential to be life changing. At Acsauhaya we believe that the integration and post processing of the journeys are an integral part of the process. Our 5-day retreats provide the time and space to share, integrate and receive support in between the ceremonies. This allows you to better understand and implement the new lessons and insights.

The strong connection and interaction with the group tends to act as a mirror that will allow you to see your habitual internal patterns acting out in real time, providing you with the choice to step back, detach from them and practice making new choices. The ceremonies can bring you to new levels of self-awareness and this mirror helps you to practice the lessons you have obtained in your ceremonies in the interaction with others. Our team will create a safe environment that will provide the bedding for this.

Retreat Topics

  • Ayahuasca
Faith Based & Spiritual
  • Spiritual
Psychedelic & Plant Medicine
  • Peyote \ Mescaline \ San Pedro Huachuma



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