Nimea Kaya Healing Center Retreat AUGUST 18th – 26th



Price Starting at $1600

Av. Tarapacá 805

Pucallpa, Ucayali, 25001



Details and More

Type of Event Inperson
Itinerary / Program Information

Day 1
Arrive to the Center. Settle into your accommodations. Lunch 2:00pm. Walk through the grounds to familiarize yourself with Nimea Kaya’s surroundings. Group Orientation Meeting 3:30pm. Discuss Ayahuasca ceremonies, the shamans role, intentions, etc. Welcome Dinner 6:30pm. Ayahuasca Documentary 7:30.

Day 2
Morning Yoga session 7:30am. Breakfast. Ayahuasca Brewing 9am. Guided Medicinal Plant Walk 11:00am. Lunch 1pm. Breathwork & Meditation 4pm. Relax and prepare for Ceremony #1.

Day 3
Breakfast. Plant Bath 9am. Ceremony Integration 11am. Lunch 1pm. Afternoon creative activity 4pm. Dinner 6pm.

Day 4
Yoga 7:30am. Breakfast 8am. Rest & Relax. Lunch 1pm. Meditation & Sound Therapy 4pm. Ceremony #2.

Day 5
Breakfast. Plant Baths 9am. Ceremony Integration 11am. Lunch 1pm. Somatic Movement Class 3pm. Dinner 6pm.

Day 6
Morning Yoga Session 7:30am. Breakfast 8am. Shipibo Art Exhibition 10am. Lunch 1pm. Meditation Class 4pm. Relax and prepare for Ceremony #3.

Day 7
Breakfast 8am. Plant Bath 9am. Ceremony Integration 11am. Lunch 1pm. Visionary Painting Workshop 2pm. Farewell Dinner 6pm. Fire Ceremony 7:30pm.

Day 8
Yoga 7:30am. Breakfast. Group Photo 9:30am. Relax & pack for departure. Lunch 12:30pm. Departure to Airport at 2pm.


We host a variety of guests such as couples, groups and single travelers alike and have the accommodations to suit any need. From shared tambos, to private suites for singles, couples or travel companions looking for more intimate spaces.

Our shared accommodations consist of individual huts & tambos each hosting two or three guests each. Single private rooms with balcony or patio deck available for an additional $200. Please inquire for availability in the application.

Rooms are provided with beds, linens, bath towels, mosquito nets, shelves for clothing, table & chairs, fan, filtered water and a comfortable hammock outside. All huts have electricity with 220V. A converter for 110V is available.

At Nimea Kaya we aim to make your retreat as comfortable as possible. Our home is your home and we want to ensure you have the most comfortable stay while diving into your inner being for personal transformation.

Our shower facilities are tiled and spacious. They are designed with a grey water system that feed the surrounding plants and trees. It is recommended to bring only safe, eco-friendly, biodegradable soaps, shampoos and conditioners. Dr. Bronners is a great example.

Due to the delicate eco-system and terrain of the land, composting outhouse toilets are provided in place of flush toilets. Each guest cabin has it’s own private composting toilet set a short distance behind the building.

Our Ceremonial Maloca includes four composting toilets set back behind the building that are connected by an enclosed bridge. It is not necessary to go outside to use the facilities. Our facilitators and staff are available to assist guests to the restrooms throughout the ceremonie

What's Included

Pick up and drop off from and to Pucallpa Airport
Transportation to and from the Nimea Kaya Center
Three/Four Ayahuasca Ceremonies with Shipibo Healers
Participate in Brewing Ayahuasca
Guided Medicinal Plant Walk
Three/Four Ceremony Integration Circles
Three/Four Medicinal Floral Plant Baths
Pranayama & Meditation Classes
Hatha/Vinyasa Yoga Class
Sound Bath Meditation
Shared Accommodations
Nutritious Meals
Continual Counseling with Facilitators
Consulations with Shamans
Heart Circle
Visionary Painting Workshop
Shipibo Art Exhibition/Market
High Vibe Living Class
Farewell Celebration
Laundry Service
Massage & Energy Work Sessions Extra

Additional Information

What are the safety protocols at Nimea Kaya?
First Aid Kit On-Site
Trained Nurse on Staff present most of the year.
Quality Medical Facility in Pucallpa – Open 24 Hours – 30 minute drive from our Center
High ratio of western facilitators and staff members to participants
4-5 Trained Facilitators assisting in each ceremony (in addition to the Shipibo Healers)
2 Facilitators stay all night in the ceremonial maloca to provide continued care and support to the participants
Security guard on site every night
Safes available to store valuables
Malaria & Vaccines: Malaria and Yellow Fever are not prevalent in the surrounding area of Nimea Kaya. We recommend against taking anti-malaria medications as they often have ill side effects on the body and can conflict strongly with the Ayahausca. We also recommend against receiving any vaccinations as they may do more harm than good to the body.

Medication Contraindications: There are several types of medications that conflict with Ayahuasca. Please directly inquire with us regarding any medications you are taking so we can let you know if they will need to be eliminated before the retreat and we will give you an appropriate protocol to come off safely.

All anti-depressant medications must be eliminated at least 4-6 weeks before the retreat begins. Anti-depressants conflict with the Ayahuasca medicine and mixing the two can cause serious ill side effects.

Please be sure to notify us of any changes of medication use that may be different that was is stated in your application.

Covid Testing
New international travel guidelines to enter Peru are in flux, currently requiring that inbound international passengers on commercial flights have either a negative real-time COVID-19 molecular (RT-PCR), negative antigen test result, or a medical certificate of epidemiological discharge that is no more than 72 hours old after being issued, before boarding the plane.

All passengers must also complete an affidavit of health (found here: These requirements may change, so we advise you to contact your airline days prior your flight to gather the proper documentation and regularly consult the airport website for the latest guidance:

Presently Peru is only requiring proof of a negative Covid test to be taken 72 hours within arrival to enter the country. No vaccine requirements are in effect.

We also recommend against receiving any other vaccinations as they may do more harm than good to the body. If your country of residence requires specific vaccinations for travel, we understand. For example, Australia may require the Yellow Fever Vaccine. Yet, we recommend against getting any other unnecessary vaccinations.

If you have any further questions about vaccines of any type, please feel free to inquire with us for suggestions.

Internet & Wifi
There is an internet location in the village just a short 7 minute walk away and costs 1 Sol/hour (35 cents). You may also connect your smart phone to the Movie Star or Claro cellular service that we receive in the area to make calls/texts.

If you need to send a quick message to let loved ones know you have arrived safely or for any emergency, one of our staff members can connect you on their computer the first day to send your message. Wifi service is not available at the Center as we strongly encourage a “technology dieta” while at the retreat.

Retreat Topics

  • Ayahuasca
  • Ayahuasca Dieta
  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness





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