5 Day Ayahuasca Retreats in Ecuador with Alma Healing Center



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Pintag, Pichincha,



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Details and More

Type of Event Inperson
Itinerary / Program Information

Day 1 (same as Day 1 of 2 day ayahuasca retreat)
2:30pm Light lunch, introductions, Q&A
3:00pm Sharing circle and songs, often combined with yoga, bodywork, or meditation)
6:00pm Rapé circle (tobacco snuff)
8:00pm Ayahuasca ceremony

Day 2 – (same as Day 2 of 2 day ayahuasca retreat)
3:00am Closing of ceremony, rest
7:00am Temazcal
10:00am Brunch, reflections
Rest until the next day

Day 3
Breakfast then travel to Mindo (2 hours away driving)
Once in Mindo, hike to waterfalls, lunch, rest and relax before next day ceremony.

Day 4
Day time Ayahuasca ceremony
Spend the night in Mindo

Day 5

Quick (optional) excursion in the morning after breakfast
Travel back to Quito (or you can stay in Mindo for longer to explore the area e.g. butterfly pavilion, horseback riding, river, ziplining)


Night 1 - near Quito (Pintag)
Ceremony until 3am, between 3am and 7am (when we enter temazcal), we rest in the ceremony space

Night 2 - near Quito (Pintag)
Beautiful house near ceremony space (shared accommodation)

Night 3 and 4 - Mindo
Beautiful house in the cloudforest (shared accommodation)

Venue & Amenities

- Bottled water

What's Included

The price of this 5 day ayahuasca retreat ($700 per person) includes:

Meals and accommodation
Experienced accompaniment by Paulina, medicine woman and therapist
2 ayahuasca ceremonies (1 night time, 1 day time)
1 temazcal / sweatlodge
Rapé/Hape circles before ceremonies
Hiking in Mindo
Group relaxation/meditation/breathing activity before first ceremony
Transport TO Mindo and back to Quito, if you are returning with us. If you are not returning with us (the same day), you will need to cover your own transport.


Transportation back to Quito, if you are not returning with us on the last day of the retreat.

How to Get There

From the airport, take a safe taxi or Uber (these can be organized for you, but cost is not included) to Pintag, specific address provided upon reservation. 40 minute drive.

From Quito, take a safe taxi or Uber (these can be organized for you, but cost is not included) to Pintag, specific address provided upon reservation. 50 minute drive.

Additional Information

This is a very "home-grown" retreat. It is led by a same-sex couple, Sandra and Paulina, that are very experienced in working with ayahuasca and other plant medicines. They become your friends over the course of the 5 days and do almost everything themselves, from playing music during ceremonies, to driving, to cooking.

Venue Details
  • Kitchen
  • WiFi
Meal Types
  • Dairy Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Nut Free
  • Organic
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian

Retreat Topics

  • Ayahuasca
  • Women's Ayahuasca
Faith Based & Spiritual
  • Spiritual
Health & Wellness
  • Mental Health
  • Wellness
  • Mindfulness
Psychedelic & Plant Medicine
  • Peyote Mescaline San Pedro Huachuma
Relationship & Community
  • Marriage & Couples
  • Men's
  • Sex
  • Women's



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