Safe, Supportive, Women-Led Ayahuasca Ceremonies


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Oakland, California, 94612

United States

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Offering retreats in California 2021 and beyond

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I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for Ayahuasca. As black, indigenous immigrant woman learning to walk this path of a human being, stumbling and empowering my way through, the plants gave me the home and love, I kept seeking. It gave me purpose. It gave me soul. She is my mother. She is my friend. The ancestors are my protector. The ancestors and Spirit are my keeper. She is the soul-FULL medicine. They create soul-FULL experiences. FULL with love, courage, patience, firmness and understanding. I am because of her. I am because of community. We are because of Spirit.

Whoever and wherever you are. You are always welcome to this home. A home of healing. A home of non-judgement. A home where healing is possible. A home where we are rooted in spirit.



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