San Pedro Sacred Circles - A Huachuma Intensive Retreat in Cancun



Price Starting at $500

Tulum mexico 77760

Tulum, Quintana Roo, 77760



Details and More

Venue & Amenities

Double occupancy with ensuite bathroom and A/C, swimming pool, 20 mins from Cancun international airport.

What's Included

1 Ayahuasca, 1 Huachuma, 1 Bufo, 1 Temazcal, 1 Cacao ceremony, Rapéh or ancestral tobacco snuff available, a series of drum journeys and shamanic interactive practices for deep preparation & integration, all meals, accommodation, airport pickup and drop-off. Led by international shamanic facilitator & retreat organiser, Frédéric Cherri and team of shamanic facilitators.

Our Earth Medicine Sacred Circles include a selection of shamanic processes and topics for discussion from among those listed below. Choices for a given group are dictated by the energies, needs and nature of the individuals in the group.

Note: Plan to arrive on site the DAY PRIOR to the starting date (an additional night accomodation & dinner are complimentary). The final day is for departures.
1 Ayahuasca, 1 Huachuma, 1 Bufo Alvarius (Sonaran Desert Toad), 1 Temazcal and 1 Cacao ceremonies.
One Temazcal (sweat lodge therapy)
Preparation prior ceremony so participant may take full advantage of the medicine
Integration sessions following ceremonies
Tools to support your integration at home
Accommodation for four (4) nights
All meals, all beverages (non-alcoholic)
Unlimited purified bottled water
Shuttle Airport pickup & drop off.**
Understanding energy medicine
Shamanic breath work
Ancestral lineage clearing
Totem animal work
Soul retrieval
Creating sacred space
Accessing energetic intuition
Energetic awareness in ceremony
Drum Journey work
Medicine Wheel teachings
Creating earth mandalas
Medicine bundle [mesa] work

How to Get There

**One group transport is offered in mini-bus for all arrivals, check with us for time and departure point, & returning to the airport based on most departure times. Make sure your flight lands PRIOR to 2PM on the first day, allowing time for customs processing. If your are unable to meet the shuttle we will arrange transportation for you to the centre at an approximate cost of $25USD.

Retreat Topics

  • Ayahuasca
Psychedelic & Plant Medicine
  • Peyote \ Mescaline \ San Pedro Huachuma
  • Shamanic




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