Takiwasi Centro Retreat Dieta 8/18 - 8/28



Price Starting at $850

Prolongación Alerta 466

Tarapoto, San Martin, 22202





+51 42 522818

Details and More

Type of Event Inperson

Accommodation and Food
In the days before and after the diet, the participants will arrange and pay their accommodation and meals. From the Saturday that marks the beginning of the diet until the following Friday when the diet cut is performed, accommodation and meals are provided by Takiwasi.

Takiwasi can recommend cheap accommodation in family homes, hotels and lodges near the Center.

For your stay we also recommend: Los Huingos Lodge
Prolongación Alerta Nº 620-Tarapoto, Tel: +51 42 524171 / +51 994862375 or WhatsApp +51 994862375
Hostel located 05 minutes away from Takiwasi on foot. Very quiet place, ecological, in the middle of nature, with direct access to the Shilcayo River. All rooms have their own bathroom, hot / cold water, cold Bar and Wifi. Each room has a hammock. It includes breakfast and pick up from the airport. www.huingoslodge.com - reservas@huingoslodge.com

What's Included

This price includes:
Intake of purge and vomiting plant.
Participation in an ayahuasca ceremony.
A 8-days Retreat/Diet in the Botanical Reserve of Takiwasi, with the daily intake of a master plant or teacher plant, assigned according to the personal motivations expressed in the motivation letter and the interview with the psychologist.
Four interviews with a psychologist who will be in charge of the psychotherapeutic accompaniment/counseling throughout the all process. The closing interview marks the end of the commitment assumed by Takiwasi.

Additional Information

Accepting to participate in the Retreat/Diet
Takiwasi’s Medical Director, Dr. Jacques Mabit, will review your health form and motivation letter. After this you will be informed if your request has been accepted or denied. In some cases we can give recommendations or ask for further and specific information before the beginning of the diet.

Consumption of marijuana or other drugs should be suspended as it is incompatible with the intake of master plants and ayahuasca. This is part of the therapeutic contract. It is recommended to take advantage of the diet to try and stop smoking: in any case you will not be able to smoke during the retreat.

If after registering for the Retreat/Diet, you will incur in some kind of accident involving your psychosomatic health, for which you will receive treatment with allopathic or psychotherapeutic drugs, you must immediately notify us, so we can take that into account and give you our recommendations.

Retreat Topics

  • Ayahuasca
  • Ayahuasca Dieta
Faith Based & Spiritual
  • Spiritual
Health & Wellness
  • Mental Health



Phone +51 42 522818
Email takiwasi@takiwasi.com


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