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Checklist: 10 Things You Need For Your Ayahuasca Ceremony

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Psychable Team
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Embarking on your first Ayahuasca experience can be overwhelming, so you’ll want to make sure you’re prepared several weeks prior to the ceremony and our practical guide will help you have a meaningful and expansive experience.

1. White attire 

It is recommended to wear an all white attire for our ayahuasca ceremony.

For men: Top and Bottom

For women: Wrap, Top, and Bottom

2. Pillow, Sleeping Bag, Air Mattress, and Mosquito Net

Unless your retreat center is providing you a mattress, you may want travel lightly by bringing with you an inflatable pillow, sleeping bag, lightweight air mattress, and mosquito net.

3. Water bottle 

Sparingly drink water during the ceremony, only when you need it. It is not recommended to drink a lot of water throughout the entire experience. Get a water bottle that we love using here.

4. Journal

Having a journal on hand allows you to record notes during the ceremony. With so much that happen during the experience, you may want to jot anything down that comes to you so you can revisit it at a later time. Get a journal here.

5. Pen 

A reliable pen is always a good thing to have on hand and make sure it has a lot of ink in it. Get our favorite pen here.

6. Essential Oils 

Various essential oils may come in handy during the ceremony, especially when you feel nauseated. Get a set of essential oils here.

7. Mosquito Repellant

Various essential oils may come in handy during the ceremony, especially when you feel nauseated. Get deet-free mosquito repellant here.

8. Hand Towel and/or Eye Mask

It’s easy to get distracted by others during the ceremony, having a hand towel or eye mask to cover your eyes will allow you to focus inwardly on your journey. Get a super comfortable eye mask here.

9. Rose Water  

Have some rose water close to you when you feel heaviness during the ceremony. Get beautiful smelling rose water here.

10. Sage

Sage yourself before ceremony. And before ceremony begins, place some sage on all four corners of your mat for protection. Get organic sage here.

11. Rose Quartz 

Hold onto the rose quartz and keep it near you during the ceremony. It will help keep you grounded in the experience. Get a beautiful rose quartz here.

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