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7 Day TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE Quest by Metashaman Milana May, Mexico

Sacred Renewal: A Women’s Retreat for healing, reclaiming and celebrating the divine feminine

Psychedelic Holistic Spiritual Healing Retreat in Jamaica

Music & Mushrooms: Dreaming in the Cactus Garden

The Jungle Meets the Andes: Ayahuasca & Wachuma retreat

Experiential Healing with Plant Medicine & Community for male-identifying folks

Sacred Pillars Church Psilocybin Mushroom Retreat Program in Oklahoma

Events, Retreats, and Community at Tribal Village

Wellness community center in Costa Rica devoted to full-spectrum healing and integration.

7 Day Private Mushroom Retreat in Costa Rica

LGBTQ+ Ayahuasca And Compassionate Inquiry Retreat 9/10-9/21