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All Health and wellness

Faith Retreats ™ – a Journey with Sacred Ancestral Medicines in Portugal

Events, Retreats, and Community at Tribal Village

Wellness community center in Costa Rica devoted to full-spectrum healing and integration.

Yoga, Surf and Healing Eco-Immersions in the Rainforests of Brazil

7 Day Private Mushroom Retreat in Costa Rica

Takiwasi Centro Retreat Dieta 8/18 – 8/28

Netherlands 5-day all-inclusive program with 2 ayahuasca ceremonies, 1 San Pedro ceremony and 1 sound healing ceremony.

Aya de La Vid Ayahuasca Retreat Cancun August 9 – 14 With Arturo Lopez and Tony Westbrook, Host/Organizer

A Mycomeditations Retreat Could Be The Change You Have Been Searching For

San Pedro Sacred Circles – A Huachuma Intensive Retreat in Cancun

Sedona Ranch Retreats